The Science Supremacy Between Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

Jambo Science

Science as a dynamic research field has been rife of supremacy.But to stick to the script,the competition will never affect their status (i.e. Isaac’s and Einstein’s) and real value to the world.

Isaac Newton Isaac Newton

Newton had the more direct engineering applications.Every machine in the Industrial Revolution owes it’s origin to Newtonian Laws.Before then engineering was a haphazard enterprise,rules of thumb and guesswork dominated.

Einstein’s advances to gravitation are intellectual sky scrapers but of much lesser practical interest.His contributions to quantum mechanics are absolutely invaluable.His work in stimulated emission led to the laser and a change to the whole world.
Isaac Newton has influenced us more because he invented calculus [though that is a subject of debate.Some argue that it was Leibnitz ].

Einstein founded some his work on basis of Newtonian work.There is no way Einstein could have figured out that his field equation was equal to the Newtonian in…

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