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Tree seedlings grow better in biodegradable bags

Mazingira Safi

Kenyans are still coming to terms with the recent ban on production, importation and use of polythene bags that was imposed by the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources on 28th February 2017. The ban is due to be effective after 6 months, that is on 28th August 2017. One of the sectors known to use many polythene bags is the growing of tree seedlings. Most tree nurseries nurture seedlings in polythene bags.

Owners of the seed beds have always argued that polythene bags have many advantages which include being cheap, readily available, easy to use and hold the water inside the bag reducing the need for regular watering, and hence reduction in water bills. The owners of tree nurseries however are not keen to mention the negative impact of the polythene bags such as visual pollution, littering, clogging of water drainage systems, death of livestock and wildlife through…

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After the polythene ban, which bags shall remain in use in Kenya?

Source: After the polythene ban, which bags shall remain in use in Kenya?

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Plastic ban a good move but more needs to be done


Kenya is set to join Rwanda in the realization of a plastic free environment. Unlike in Rwanda, the process in Kenya has just started with the recent ban of the use and manufacture of plastic bags that takes effect from 1st September this year.

The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) is working with other institutions like the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to ensure that the law is enforced and that manufacturers of these plastic bags are not producing more. However there is need for inclusivity in this process, where the manufacturers and these authorities, including the Ministry of Environment to ensure understanding of the guidelines and best ways of managing the transition.

While the ban takes effect in the country, a lot of people are going to be affected. Retailers and wholesalers will have to seek alternatives for packing goods. Consider the people who sell charcoal in the…

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Chess and Strategic Leadership: The Overlooked Middle-Game

Ideas Out There

Chess is about making strategic decisions. From the very first move to the last, it is all about how you deploy, position, support and utilize your resources to get the best results. As such, chess is a very useful analogy to all kinds of strategic decision making – be it in leadership, business, and even our personal lives.

The Opening

The opening is all about how we position our pieces. The goal here is to deploy all of our major pieces to key places where they can exercise influence over the board and other pieces.

In strategic leadership, this equates to how we acquire, position, and maximize our capital, our human resources, and our physical infrastructure. A good opening foray is thus about getting the best resources possible into play as early as possible. This is important not just in leadership, but in life more generally. Even though we might…

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