Why the wealthy spend less on luxury: the 70/30 rule in finance

Adam Fayed

Last year I started to take fitness and lifestyle more seriously.  Quite a few experts I know talked about diet being more important than exercise.  As exercise makes us feel hungrier, and it isn’t realistic to sustainably try to starve yourself, I was told most fitness coaches tell their clients they need to change eating habits.  Therefore, 70%-75% of the progress people make in terms of their weight will be down to diet, and only 25%-30% relates to exercise.  This surprised me a bit, and I am sure surprises many people.

It got me thinking.  One of the things I have noticed since being in the finance industry is that many high-income individuals aren’t wealthy.  I know numerous people who are worth $2M on an income of $50,000 and others have close to zero wealth, but are on huge expat packages. One person I know has consistently made $15,000 after…

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The Science Supremacy Between Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

Jambo Science

Science as a dynamic research field has been rife of supremacy.But to stick to the script,the competition will never affect their status (i.e. Isaac’s and Einstein’s) and real value to the world.

Isaac Newton Isaac Newton

Newton had the more direct engineering applications.Every machine in the Industrial Revolution owes it’s origin to Newtonian Laws.Before then engineering was a haphazard enterprise,rules of thumb and guesswork dominated.

Einstein’s advances to gravitation are intellectual sky scrapers but of much lesser practical interest.His contributions to quantum mechanics are absolutely invaluable.His work in stimulated emission led to the laser and a change to the whole world.
Isaac Newton has influenced us more because he invented calculus [though that is a subject of debate.Some argue that it was Leibnitz ].

Einstein founded some his work on basis of Newtonian work.There is no way Einstein could have figured out that his field equation was equal to the Newtonian in…

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5 top tips for coming up with a great business idea

School Enterprise Challenge Blog

The beauty of the School Enterprise Challenge is that participants are welcome to set up any kind of business they desire. Students are encouraged to look at the resources already available around them at their school and to think of how they could turn them into a profitable business.

Top tip #1: Remember to refer to the Business Guides 1, 2, 3 & 4 – they contain all the activities and examples your team will need to come up with a fantastic business idea!

What kind of businesses do schools usually set up?

Over the years schools set up an incredibly wide range of businesses. Some of the most popular types of businesses include:

  • Farming (vegetables, fruit, chickens, rabbits)
  • Textiles (T-shirts, dresses, school uniforms, jute bags)
  • Food Production (cakes, juices, snacks to go)
  • Entertainment (party planning, musical band, theatre troupe)
  • Handicrafts (jewellery, decorations, notepads)

Some of the most innovative…

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